Creamy Puffs

Welcome're you? im fine thank you for asking. hehe.. :P my life simple."Make it Simple" . okay? thank you for spend ur time to visit my blog, enjoy oke? love you <3.

Saturday, May 28, 2011 | 0 comment(s)
hey you,, knp buad i mcm nie,,
i text you,, you ta rep...u da boring nun i?
if you boring,, bgtaw... jgn buad mcm nie,,
i tngu you answer,, i tngu you rep text,,i tngu you call blek,,
haahaa,,ni semua mimpi bg i...
yeah!thats rite!its just a dream
and i never get it from you ,, herm,,
i lonely without you b! i tataw la you curang or x,,
i hope x la...i tataw la you love i ats ap,,
you nk pemaenkn or wut ever you want..
hurm,, i really2 love you,, AMIRUL AKMAL

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